Violet Evergarden is Now a Human

Violet Evergarden has reached a point that I’m glad it reached. Violet can now feel as a human being. Episode 10 focuses on Violet writing for a mother who in her first appearance is heavily implied to be dying. The mother’s daughter An knows this, but doesn’t want her to die. And understandably so, no one wants to lose a loved one. But what’s different about Violet this time is that she is able to hold back, to keep her emotions in check. What we learn is that Violet was writing letters to future An, which I imagine would have made it even harder to keep her emotions in check.


This is a very significant episode for Violet’s development as we can see her feel, her breaking down at the office with the other dolls is a crushing moment because we see Violet attached to someone and is able to understand how they feel or at least how she herself relates to that feeling. Violet is no longer an emotionless doll, she is a human. Which An puts in a rather cute way when she pinches Violet’s cheeks.


I am very much looking forward to seeing how Violet continues to grow as a human being, now that she truly has become one.


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