Rubbing Salt in the Wound: Mitsuhide Edition

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime’s manga just kind of ended an arc that at least for now closed up the Mitsuhide x Kiki ship that had had quite a bit of tension in it for a good chunk of the manga. It ended with Mitsuhide rejecting her because he just wants to protect Zen. Which makes sense and is fine except the manga decides to really make Mitsuhide think about this fact.


The next few chapters are basically every character who knew about Mitsuhide’s rejection being like, “You sure you don’t love her?” and Mitsuhide saying that he doesn’t. Or at least right now he doesn’t. Which as someone who was relatively invested in the Mitsuhide x Kiki ship it was like being stabbed repeatedly for about a month. The arc really only needed the initial rejection and then to move on, but it decided to keep telling us that it wasn’t going to happen.


Maybe if we had some Zen and Shirayuki to counter balance this I would have been okay with it, but we didn’t get any so this frustration just lingered for multiple weeks until the arc ended and we saw our good couple Zen and Shirayuki.


I’m still holding out for Mitsuhide x Kiki:

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Another Manga Recommendation: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai

I’ve been reading Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai(that is such a long title) and really enjoying it. It’s a josei romance manga which already checks a lot of my boxes, but it also is pretty funny along side that. Shibata and Ayumu have a very good dynamic and are seemingly going to be the endgame couple. The two poke fun at each other, but also are old enough to be able to hold more intimate conversations. It touches on a lot of subjects that all line up pretty well with the type of story that it is, but it does in without feeling too cliche about it. I also appreciate the mangaka’s art style especially her weird chin thing, which looks weird, but in a funny way.


Overall, I recommend giving it a read, I don’t think it’s done being published so it can be caught up on if you feel so inclined.

Characters I Want To See in the New Smash Game

I really like Super Smash Bros, more Brawl than Smash 4, but that’s a whole other argument. So to hop on this bandwagon I’m going to say who I want in Smash Switch. These are all my own thoughts, disagreeing is okay.


Shovel Knight(Shovel Knight): I feel like Shovel Knight is the perfect Nindies representative, ever since the original game came out, I’ve wanted him to be in Smash. His moveset could be quite interesting given his different abilities.


Celica(Fire Emblem): Smash could use another tome character, but also one that can use a sword. I imagine Celica playing like a faster Robin, but with no different weapon and no breakable tomes. I think she’d be fun to play as and could be a cool mixed range character.


Reworked Dark Pit(Kid Icarus Uprising): Dark Pit has his own staff in the game, staffs play differently than bows please make it like that so Dark Pit can be his own person. I like Dark Pit’s design and I think he is enough different to be his own character, but not in his Smash 4 iteration where he is just a Pit Clone.


Ivysaur(Pokemon): I really enjoyed playing Ivysaur in Brawl for some reason and I want to play as him again.


Ghirahim(Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword): Ghirahim is one of my favorite characters in all of the Zelda games, his design is just so simple but so striking. He could play like a sword fighter who can teleport around and his final smash can either be demise or his other forms.


Gunvolt(Azure Striker Gunvolt): He is a cool electric shooter boy and I like his design a whole lot. His moveset could be very interesting considering he has the megaman style abilities, but also his electricity powers.


Claude(Mercenaries Saga 2): The only main character from the Mercenaries Saga series that I actually like a lot. Probably no one knows who this is, but I do and I like him.


Fjorm(Fire Emblem Heroes): We don’t have a lance Fire Emblem character in Smash yet and I think Nintendo promoting Heroes is a wise idea. I also just like Fjorm a lot.


Masked Marth(Fire Emblem): Give me a Masked Marth alt please that is all I want.



That’s all my serious character desires for the new Smash game, I have a few meme ones like Saber from Fate, but I’ll leave those away from this so people don’t get mad at me.


Artoria Pendragon for Smash Switch?:

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Stop Cutting My ReLife

ReLife recently released 4 OVA episodes that were supposed to be the end of the series. While that did happen, I have some complaints with the anime especially the last episode.


The last episode of the OVAs is the end of the ReLife and is meant to show Hishiro and Kaizaki reuniting as adults, but what the episode cuts out is all of their interactions post them realizing it is them. Kaizaki saying that he doesn’t have to hold back with his love for Hishiro anymore is one of the best lines in the series and it is cut entirely. Their whole scene of them talking at the bench is one of the most emotional scenes in the series and is entirely cut.

ReLife 1

My other main complaint with the last episode is the strange way they change how Kaizaki meets Ohga’s brother and agrees to get him to take the ReLife pill. In the manga we see Kaizaki meets Ohga at the door and we can see Kaizaki adjust to this life where his former friends no longer remember him. This scene in the anime lacks any emotional impact as we don’t hear the conversation at all. This conversation is one that helps wrap up some loose ends and shows us that the pill truly does work and that Ohga doesn’t remember Kaizaki.

ReLife 4

When Kaizaki goes to talk to Ohga’s brother Takaomi he just invites himself in and tells Takaomi about how ReLife works, but also connecting it to his own time as a ReLife subject. It feels more genuine, while still feeling like a business proposal. The anime however cuts all of this in exchange for Kaizaki trying to be appeal directly to Takaomi. It feels rushed and unrealistic. A NEET isn’t just going to open the door for someone because you say something, they don’t want to interact with humans in general. Busting into their room is a much more realistic and effective approach to the situation.

ReLife 2

What bothers me the most about the OVA episodes is that if they just had those extra bits of Kaizaki and Hishiro being a cute couple and not botched Kaizaki approaching Takaomi then it would have been a good adaptation of the manga. But it cuts out a lot of what is needed to really sell the ending. If the episode was only 5 minutes longer it probably could have stuck the landing and been good, but it didn’t and as a result leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.


ReLife is tied for my favorite manga of all time:

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Expectations and Trying to Force a Home

I was born in a different state than I grew up in, but I moved to where I currently live at a very young age. Young enough that I do not remember ever living where I was born. The older members call that their true home and I honestly cannot relate. I do not see that place as my home at all, I see where I currently live as my true home.


This conversation of where I feel my home truly is has been brought upon by colleges, where my options are go further out and go where my family went for college or stay close where I probably want to go. The problem here is that my family seems to operate under the assumption that I actually like where they grew up/where I was born, which simply is incorrect. I find where I currently live to be a nice place for me, everyone I’m close with lives here, not out there. And I don’t feel entirely comfortable going halfway across the country and leaving everything behind. I enjoy my current life to an extent and just up and leaving that is something I don’t feel entirely comfortable with at the moment.


This piece doesn’t really have a point, I just wanted to ramble about this because it’s been on my mind and stuck there and as with a lot of things I just want to get it out.

Caught in Emotions: A Place Further Than the Universe

Media can manipulate emotions to convey a certain feeling. Whether you’ve noticed this or not, it happens. I personally have it happen a lot to me for some reason, either I’m just really emotional or am easily manipulated. However, I find these emotional connections/manipulations to be something special because I enjoy the feeling of knowing that I’m so attached to a character that watching them be happy or struggle makes me feel the same as them.


The most recent example and the basis for why I’m writing this is the 12th episode of A Place Further than the Universe. This was the big episode for the series, the Shirase episode. The resolution to what started it all. And boy did it deliver on all emotional fronts. Once we finally saw Takako’s laptop and all the messages being left unread, the feels train left at a blazing pace. The insert song alongside Shirase breaking down after now being forced to deal with the loss of her mother had one of my stronger emotional connections. Just thinking about the scene makes me feel like tears could start flowing again.

Sorabasho 1

But I think that just shows how much I cared about Shirase and how well A Place Further than the Universe made me care about her. I have to give props to Atsuko Ishizuka for making such an excellently made series. I don’t think there is a single character in the show who I am not invested in. Her use of insert songs has been stellar and is something I always love when a series uses effectively. I cannot wait to see how she wraps up this wonderful ride.



How many winter season anime am I going to have to give a 10/10 to:

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Violet Evergarden is Now a Human

Violet Evergarden has reached a point that I’m glad it reached. Violet can now feel as a human being. Episode 10 focuses on Violet writing for a mother who in her first appearance is heavily implied to be dying. The mother’s daughter An knows this, but doesn’t want her to die. And understandably so, no one wants to lose a loved one. But what’s different about Violet this time is that she is able to hold back, to keep her emotions in check. What we learn is that Violet was writing letters to future An, which I imagine would have made it even harder to keep her emotions in check.


This is a very significant episode for Violet’s development as we can see her feel, her breaking down at the office with the other dolls is a crushing moment because we see Violet attached to someone and is able to understand how they feel or at least how she herself relates to that feeling. Violet is no longer an emotionless doll, she is a human. Which An puts in a rather cute way when she pinches Violet’s cheeks.


I am very much looking forward to seeing how Violet continues to grow as a human being, now that she truly has become one.