Mousou Telepathy: Losing the Safety of Friends

Going to college brings about pretty large changes in life. It’s a time when the comfort zone built up during high school can go out the window. It’s a new stage in life where it can truly be a fresh start. But thinking about that change is scary. All these relationships that have been built and fostered will suddenly be strained due to distance. At least to me that thought makes me a little anxious. I’ve never been good at making friends, so this change is a little scary to me.

Mousou Telepathy 5

Mousou Telepathy has also been dealing with this topic, a much more condensed version, but one that still has the same impact as an elongated version of the same topic. Nakano has been struggling with the same fears I mentioned before. She is concerned about this future without her friends. Of being in a world without the people who broke her out of her shell. This feeling is one that I definitely can relate to. But what Mousou Telepathy says is that staying in that safe space can be bad.

Mousou Telepathy 3

Toda serves as the voice of reason in this situation, much to his dismay. He doesn’t want Nakano to be upset because he likes her, but he also can’t let her continue to want something that won’t happen. Everyone else is going other universities, so Nakano’s dream to stay close to them during college is one that realistically isn’t possible. Toda wants to be with Nakano, but he doesn’t want to burden Nakano with his future plans.

Mousou Telepathy 7

Nakano’s thoughts very much paralleled mine at one point. I sometimes have the desire to stay where I feel safe, but I do not think that it is a wise idea for me to stay too safe. As Toda says it just simply isn’t possible to stay together. Relationships will change and that is just a part of life. It’s not something I can control, so I should focus on what I want to do for myself. New experiences will help shape me as a person to bring me ever closer to the person I want to be.



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I Tried to Make a Post Everyday for a Month

And well I failed. I kept up with it, but I think I missed like a week or so of posts spread out across the month. But when I was able to make a post I made one. And I realized a lot of things.

Furuhashi 64

The first thing I realized is that I am not the type of person who can think up interesting things on the fly. I spent a lot of time during the last few days just trying to think of a remotely interesting thing to make a post about. And I’m sure it shown through. Most of my better posts were the ones that came directly after I watched/read/played something. And given my existence as a human I cannot possibly consume a whole series or something in one day. Especially if there is no real return on it for me. The most amount of traction I got in a day was 9 views. I can still make things about things I enjoy, just not once a day.

3gatsu ed 2 2

What I also realized is how I do like writing quite a bit. I do want to improve and ideally make a living out of it, but currently I’m on level 1 or 2 in terms of skill/knowledge. I’m still going to keep trying to improve my skills because I want to improve my craft so my dream lifestyle can be ever closer to being a reality.

Oregairu 2

In the end, I think this month was a good learning experience for me in terms of writing, but in terms of real life things it was a downward spiral if I’ve ever seen one. I’m writing this in a fit of melancholy, my third one this week to my knowledge. But I’m still going to put the piece out because I can’t lose this challenge any more than I already have.


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The Power of Music in Macross

Music brings people together, in ways that other media just can’t do. Popular music can bring seemingly strangers together to sing a song by their favorite artist. Music has been used for many things, politics, culture, entertainment, the list goes on. Music is so intertwined with our society and will always be. Music has a power that transcends words, one that can move the hearts of the people without striking too hard. A political message can be more widespread as a song because it is something people can listen to and let seep into their mind.

Macross DYRL 1

A series that has taken this idea to its extreme is the Macross series. Macross has music change the world and the people in it. It unites warring factions, soothes minds, controls minds, it take everything I mentioned in the paragraph above to the most extreme it can go. In Macross: Do You Remember Love? it unites the Zentradi, Meltlandi, and the humans because of Minmay’s song. The song brings peace to warring factions and unites the hearts of the people. In Macross Delta, music is used to control/enhance the soldiers in battle. It’s a moral boost that has actually physical effects on the people who listen to it. Shoji Kawamori’s idea to make Macross is one that I think is genius. It takes such a simple thing like the power of music and brings it to a massive scale. Even if I’m not a fan of his constant love triangles, I really like what he has made in the Macross series. I look forward to where he will take this idea next.


Do You Remember Love?

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Granblue Fantasy is Kind of Boring

Granblue Fantasy is a gacha game that is one of my least enjoyable gacha games so far. It may be because I am playing it on my computer, but the game quickly lost its enjoyment from me. The combat system is passable, but slow and weak. My hits feel like they aren’t strong enough even though my character is max level with a max level weapon. It just doesn’t feel satisfying to hit. Seeing an enemy be tanky enough to live a 4 chain charge boost attack doesn’t feel good.

My only other complaint with Granblue is that I have zero investment in the story. I don’t really care about any of these characters and getting through 100+ chapters is going to be a rough trip. I don’t see myself ever getting into the story. I’ve just gotten to the point where I just skip the story because I do not care about any of it. I appreciate the summary, but I cannot care about this story.

Those are really my only complaints with Granblue Fantasy, but they are both so entrenched in the game that it very much affects my enjoyment of the game.

Winter 2018 Final Impressions

With Winter 2018 in the home stretch the time comes for a seasonal review piece. This post will be updated with each show that ends because at the time of writing this(3/28) Violet Evergarden, After the Rain, 3-Gatsu no Lion, and Fate/Extra Last Encore have yet to end. But aside from those let’s get in to a very stacked season.

Note:The order of shows is not the ranking, that’s at the bottom of the post


Gintama: Silver Soul Arc Part 1:

Joui 4

Gintama enters its final arc and it is bringing the biggest battles it possibly can. Every side character is back and better than ever. And I’m eating every second of it up. Seeing the people of Edo defend themselves from the Liberation army has been delivering emotional punch after emotional punch, while also bringing back some of the best one off gags in much bigger and more important ways. This season only covered a small bit of the final arc, but my hype levels for the rest of the Silver Soul arc are only getting higher.


Violet Evergarden:

Violet Evergarden 14

I feel like my opinion on Violet Evergarden has been made pretty clear in my posts. But regardless I think Violet Evergarden is another strong entry in Kyoani’s already incredibly strong catalog of anime. I’m a sucker for the power of words stories, so I was bound to like this. But Violet’s journey of learning to feel was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.


A Place Further Than The Universe:

Sorabasho 5

A Place Further Than The Universe was something that I entirely expected to be about being in Antarctica and how rough that is, but what I was treated to was a great drama and a thoroughly fun and emotional journey of 4 friends. There is not a single character that I disliked with a lot of highlights. The dynamic between the main 4 girls was one that truly felt like a friendship, one that withstood hardships and made them all better people because of it. I also wrote about it more than once, so I’ll let the pieces speak for themselves.


Yuru Camp:

Yuru Camp 3

I enjoyed every second of Yuru Camp and that is not an exaggeration. I have never been camping before, but I want to after watching Yuru Camp. The one true highlight of the series was Rin and Nadeshiko being best friends and camping buddies. Every time they camped together my heart reached a new degree of warmth it had never felt before. Rin is also my fashion goals, while also being kind of like me personality-wise so there was no way I wasn’t going to love her. Just look at how comfy and happy she looks in the picture.


After the Rain:

After the Rain 1

After The Rain was a very melancholic experience and I mean that in the best way possible. Every episode we were treated with rain both literally and metaphorically. Kondo and Tachibana reigniting their prior passions was a satisfying and quite inspiring journey. It made me feel quite melancholic and made me think a lot about myself and what I want to try to do with myself. From a series I was initially skeptical of, it blew my expectations out of the water for a story that is quite unique while also offering a strong emotional journey.


Mitsuboshi Colors:

Mitsuboshi Colors 1

Little kids are scary, but also very fun to watch. Mitsuboshi Colors didn’t do anything that really made me think it was amazing, but it was consistently a fun time. Except when Kotoha was being bullied because I will not allow that in this establishment. I would gladly take more Mitsuboshi Colors, but in a season with Yuru Camp, it was hard to compete with slice of life.


Pop Team Epic:

Pop Team Epic 1

A meme show being good and incredibly funny was not something I expected, but something I am very glad I experienced. Pop Team Epic was such an interesting ride full of just about anything. My favorite bits were Bob Team Epic Hellshake Yano edition, Let’s Pop Together, the narrated horror movie, and Kirei being Pipimi. I want more Pop Team Epic in my life because I want some to have more memes with my favorite voice actors. I also just want to see how Hoshiiro Girldrop ends.


Fate/Extra Last Encore: 

Extra LE 9

I really like the Fate series, so I couldn’t hate this series. It had cool servants and looked nice. But the barrier of entry for this series is miles high. Being someone who hasn’t played through Fate/Extra, this series barely made surface level sense. And the fact that it has a few episodes left that aren’t out yet. But based on the TV run, this was a barely comprehensible series that I stayed for because it looked good and I like Nero.


Ancient Magus Bride:

Magus Bride 1

Ancient Magus Bride fell off hard for me in the second half, delivering one of my least favorite openings of all time and just being a lot less interesting than the first half. It had peaks of good, but I feel that they used Chise going outside to do nothing and somehow ending up in a bad situation too much. I did appreciate the whole bit where Chise runs away from Elias because he tries to kill Stella to save him, that was a good bit. But the rest just felt like it had already been done and I was tired of it. It was still a fine show, but it needed to spice things up to be better.


3-Gatsu no Lion:

3-gatsu 3

3-Gatsu No Lion is one of my favorite pieces of media ever and Shaft has been doing a phenomenal job adapting it. Every episode was an emotional journey, some sad and some happy. This season especially had some of the series strongest arcs in the bullying and the Shimada vs. Yanagihara arc. Both were both visually and narratively some of the strongest in the series. They did what 3-Gatsu does best, feeling genuinely emotional. None of the emotions in 3-Gatsu feel forced and the way people deal with them feels human. I am really hoping season 3 gets announced soon as that should hold my favorite arc in the entire series as of right now.


B: The Beginning:

B 2

I’ve already said all I want to about B: The Beginning here.


ReLife Kanketsu-hen:

ReLife 5

ReLife Kanketsu-hen skipped a lot and by doing so flopped hard for me. I still liked it because I like ReLife, but it butchered the one episode it needed to be a 10/10. I don’t know why they chose to skip a good chunk of the story, but they needed to adapt more. And just give the last episode 5-10 more minutes so I can get animated closure to ReLife, what I currently have animated is not a good version of the ending of ReLife.


Ranking(Tiered Because I’d have like 4 number 1’s otherwise):


The Best: Yuru Camp(10/10), A Place Further Than The Universe(10/10), Gintama Silver Soul Arc Part 1(10/10), After the Rain(10/10), 3-Gatsu No Lion Season 2(10/10), Violet Evergarden(10/10)

Great: Pop Team Epic(9/10), Mitsuboshi Colors(8/10)

Passable: Ancient Magus Bride(7/10), B: The Beginning(7/10), ReLife Kanketsu-hen(7/10), Fate/Extra Last Encore(6/10)



Spring season looks to be pretty stacked too, so look forward to seeing how that season goes for me.



A Place Never Found But Longed For

A Place Further Than the Universe(SoraBasho from here) comments on making the most of your youth while you still have it. Which isn’t an inherently new theme, but it only really resonated deeply with me in SoraBasho. I fully believe that had I seen SoraBasho in my freshman year of high school it would’ve had almost as much if not an equal amount of impact in my life as Oregairu Zoku did. But this isn’t to say SoraBasho didn’t resonate with me. It resonated with me in the opposite place than it probably wanted to. It made me reflect on how I feel that I wasted my youth, or at least my high school youth.

Sorabasho 4

I’m currently a high school senior and the interesting things I’ve done in my time in high school could probably be counted on one finger. The feeling that I wasted my time in high school never really started to settle in until recently as I began applying to colleges. I would look at the interesting things I was proud of doing and the list was painfully short. I just went with the flow of life sitting at my computer consuming YouTube and anime like it was my life force. But I knew I wanted to do something with myself, I could just never get myself to actually do anything.

Kimari in the early episodes of SoraBasho reminded me of myself, someone who wants to do something with her youth, something interesting. I think this is a similar mindset to that of my own at the time, except with one distinction. Kimari actually goes out and latches on to an idea, I did not. While one could argue that this is because I don’t have someone like Shirase in my life, that argument doesn’t satisfy me. I don’t want to just brush this off as something that didn’t happen because I didn’t find the right person.

Sorabasho 5

In my opinion the reality of the situation is that I never tried to do something with my youth, I just let myself stagnate. I never did any sports, never went out of my comfort zone, never did anything special. I just kept the status quo and as such never did anything interesting. I was too afraid to just do something that I never actually did anything. I did try to change this in my senior year by trying soccer, but I didn’t do anything after that because of my “shin splints.” Which were actually shin splints, but I used them as an excuse to not try anything else. Which is basically how every time I would try something new went. I’d always find some excuse to not do it. I let myself stagnate instead of pushing myself to try new things.

One of my mental hangups is that I stress over still not knowing what I want to do with my life, which for someone my age is honestly perfectly understandable. I’m 18, I have time to find what I want to do with my life. But to my mind the regrets of not doing anything with my time make me feel worse about it. I could’ve potentially found what I wanted to do with my life had I actually gone out and done something, but instead I sat around watching anime and YouTube videos. I feel a guilt for not trying to expand my horizons and potentially finding something I felt very passionate about.

Sorabasho 3

What SoraBasho put into my head about making the most of my youth, really made me question if I’m okay with myself for not doing much of anything with my high school youth. Of which the answer is not really. I currently have no answer to what I want to do, but SoraBasho at least has got me thinking about what it is I want to do with myself. Whether that be taking writing more seriously, or trying my hand at content creation again, or something entirely different, I don’t know. I’m just going to keep pushing along with life until I think of something that calls me to it if even just a small amount. I’m very glad I watched SoraBasho, while it didn’t hit me emotional as it probably could’ve it still made me question myself. And if an anime can make my question myself and what I value in life, that is what I consider to be a truly great anime.


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I Like Guilty Gear’s Story

I have recently been watching the Pro Crastinator’s Lecture on the lore of the Guilty Gear series(Link) and I’ve found something I for some strange reason like a lot. And that is when some guy just writes these huge narratives basically entirely by himself. I love how half the stuff doesn’t make sense or does in the loosest way possible. It just seems so creatively fulfilling to just have a world that is your sandbox. I also just love how insane these stories can get because it is just the creator’s brain child. There are really no restrictions to the story except the author’s own imagination. And instead of being bothered by the messy plot, I find it interesting to see what kind of stories these creators can make by themselves. And at least Guilty Gear’s story kind of still makes sense as opposed to something like Kingdom Hearts which is just retcon after retcon.